Aquamen offers an extensive range of services using state of the art material and methods that are streamlined to offer a better and more cost effective output for our customers. From simple repairs to complete slide restoration, we can handle it all. Here are some of the services Aquamen offer:

Slide Interior Restoration

Gel-Coat applications for water slide repair is our specialty. Aquamen understand the importance of great prep work. Every square inch of the interior of your slide will be sanded to remove all old coatings and obtain maximum adhesion for when we spray our Gel-Coat. All old caulk is removed and replaced. Any fiberglass or surface repairs that are needed are completed during the prep phase. Gel Coat is sprayed on, leaving the customer with a high gloss finish only comparable to brand new slides.

Our Gel-Coat manufacturer has consistently ranked among the highest in both product wear and appearance. Customers can choose any color, at no additional cost, from the universal RAL color chart.

Slide Exterior Restoration

Exteriors of slides hold a lot of moisture and see very little sun light. This causes moisture, dirt and mildew to buildup and give a faded, dirty look to your slide. Aquamen will Pressure Wash and Hand Clean your slide exterior extensively before applying a high gloss, UV and Chlorine resistant paint that will bring back the color and shine to your slide exterior.

Slide Waxing

If your slide still has a great surface but is covered with calcium or chlorine deposits then a simple waxing may be all you need. Aquamen will wax the entire slide using wax specifically designed for high oxidation. We clean the surface area, apply the wax by hand, work the wax into the slide using orbital wax applicators, polish and then hand wipe the area leaving your slide with the shine and speed it once had.

Foam Restorations

Aquamen have handled custom foam restorations for years. From Flow Riders to Animals to simple Landing Pads, we've done it all. We strip the entire foam attraction, repair any flaws in the foam itself and re-urethane the piece using state of the art material. We then cover the entire attraction in a chlorine resistant shield to ensure long life of the surface area. All custom pieces are restored and air-brushed to bring the color and style back.

Aquamen will not handle small foam repairs unless it is in addition to regular Gel-Coat related work.

Fiberglass and Gelcoating Repairs
  • Cracks/Holes in Fiberglass
  • Leaky Joints
  • Color Fading
  • Resurfacing of complete Waterslide
  • Crack in Joints
  • Spidercracks in Fiberglass
  • Blisters in Gel Coat
  • Fiberglass material worn through
All estimates of work are free! Aquamen likes to perform site visits prior to providing quotes but it is not mandatory to get a free estimate. Site evaluations will not only help to establish a better idea of needs, but also gives our team an opprotunity to meet new clients as well as determine any future needs of the park.

Maintenance Plans
Water Slides need proper attention and annual maintenance in order to achieve the maximum life out of the fiberglass. Aquamen offer maintenance plans customized to each parks needs. These plans help parks keep their slides ready to pass inspection and warranty agreements intact. Maintenance plans include waxing of slides, minor surface repairs, minor fiberglass repairs, caulking of joints and more.
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